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March 25, 2020

We're All Here Together

This Herman Trend Alert will be the first in a series to provide hope, help, and insights during this very challenging time.

Today, we are living in unprecedented times. Beside the Spanish Flu in 1918, the planet has not experienced a pandemic of this magnitude in modern history. Most of us feel a lot of uncertainty about our futures---and even about presents. We want to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.

Socially distancing is important
To stop the spread of this scourge, it is important to socially distance from others; not being able to touch even family members is challenging. I came back from a trip to Chicago on the 15th, so I am still socially distancing from my husband---until the 30th. It is difficult, but I believe I must do that to protect him in the event that I was exposed on my trip. We are not hugging and if we even touch, we both wash our hands for 20 seconds.

Reach out and "touch" someone
At this time, when we all are more isolated physically from each other, a text, an email, even a written note will let others know that we are thinking of the them. And that matters. People want to know that our relationships with them are meaningful. That relationship nurturing also applies to our work families as well.

The value of building community
When we reach out to others who are in similar circumstances, we are able to build community. This pandemic is a time for all of us to pull together. Since in most cases we cannot be together physically, at least we can use the technology of online platforms of Zoom and Skype, Webex, WhatsApp, and others.

Infinite acts of kindness
At this time when Mother Nature has wreaked havoc on humankind, it is more important than ever before, that we look for infinite acts of kindness we can do for each other. Little things like offering to shop for elderly neighbors or if you have no children, offering to walk the dog---if your neighbor is not feeling well (Don't forget the hand sanitizer for the leash and front door).

United we stand
This challenging period for humanity is not a time for divisiveness. Now is the time to come together with the common cause of defeating this infection. How?

Take care of yourself and those you love
Keep your social distance---researchers say six feet. Use wipes liberally; if you donŐt have them you can make them with hand sanitizer and paper towels. Can't find hand sanitizer? Make your own with Rubbing Alcohol and Aloe Vera Gel (70 percent to 30 percent). And please do not forget to exercise extreme self-care. Get enough rest---even if it means taking a nap when the children do. Eat a balanced, mostly plant-based diet, get daily exercise (I'm on the third month of a High Intensity Interval Training Workout), and drink plenty of filtered water. Scientists tell us that keeping your mouth moist will make a difference---the virus is removed to the stomach where it is killed by gastric acids. Advice from a biogenetics researcher: Make sure your diet has bioflavonoids (found in citrus, vegetables, and other fruit), take 200mg of Resveratrol (or drink red wine) daily, drink black tea, and stay away from aspirin---except a low-dose---if you are taking it at the suggestion of a cardiologist.

Finally, be sure to remember to tell those closest to you how much you love them---not just in emojis, but in words as well!

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