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Human Capital Institute Announces Future Labor Trends Thought Leader Panel

Non-Profit Think Tank Organizes Leaders and Members in Research and Education Initiatives

Washington, DC - August 4, 2004 - The Human Capital Institute, a not-for-profit think tank and educator, announces the Future Labor Trends Thought Leadership Panel convened on July 26. Sponsored by Webhire, a leader in talent management solutions, the inaugural panel meeting brought together industry thought leaders in a collaborative setting. Panelists are tasked with discussing trends and future workforce and workplace scenarios. The panel's insight will guide new HCI research designed to deliver to its members advanced strategies and solutions in how organizations can plan for an ambiguous future labor market.

The Future Labor Trends Thought Leader Panel is comprised of many of the industry's best-known and most respected authors, academics and practitioners; they are: Joyce Gioia, Strategic Business Futurist, The Herman Group; Roger Herman, Chief Executive Officer, The Herman Group; Charlie Hall, Mastercard; Margaret Eaton, Texas Medical Center; Dan Pink, author and co- editor, Fast Company Magazine; Ray Schreyer, Program Manager, Internet Recruiting, IBM; Susanne Bowen, President and CEO, Webhire; Peter Cappelli, George W. Taylor Professor of Management, The Wharton School; Allan Schweyer, Executive Director, Human Capital Institute.

A recent report by Wachovia Economics Group reminds us that there is a growing disparity between jobless rates for educated and non-educated workers. For those who do not earn a high school diploma, the jobless rate hovers at around 8.8%, while college grads rank well under what economists consider full employment, with a jobless rate of only 2.7%. What do these figures mean to employers? Finding qualified workers will become even harder in the future. Measures taken now to build recruitment capacity and an understanding of labor trends and patterns are necessary steps for organizations. Planning for the future of the workforce, and discerning future organizational needs will become more critical to ensuring continued growth and global competitiveness for companies.

"We see a lot of organizations who say they are aware of pending shortages, retention problems, etc. but they don't think it will hurt them. The problem will affect other companies, they believe, not theirs. This is the classic ostrich position: stick your head in the sand and ignore the problem. Employers who remain in denial will be the victims of future labor movement."
-- Roger Herman, The Herman Group

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About HCI About the Human Capital Institute The Human Capital Institute is a catalyst for innovative new thinking in talent acquisition, organizational development and performance measurement. Through research and collaboration, HCI programs collect original, creative ideas from a field of the brightest thought leaders in talent management. Those ideas are then transformed into measurable, real-world strategies that help our members attract and retain high-performing people, build a diverse, inclusive workplace, and leverage individual and team performance throughout the enterprise.

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