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  Pre-Meeting Services

Herman Trend Alert to Participants

Since February 1998, we have published a weekly e-advisory on trends. Our insights and forecasts are ready by over 23,000 people in 60 countries. We distribute this 350-word message as a public service (no charge). All we need is the e-mail addresses of the members of our audience, which we usually collect when we speak.

Book(s) Sent to Participants

After the meeting, we can send copies of our books to your participants at their offices. The books may be autographed, if you wish. An effective approach is to send one book a month, with a discussion guide for senior managers to lead productive conversations by conference call or in a staff meeting once a month. Emphasis should be on how the knowledge gained could be used to improve the client’s business. Turbulence, then Impending Crisis, Employer of Choice, Lean & Meaningful, and Keeping Good People. One a month, with discussion guide. As an alternative to client leaders facilitating the periodic discussions, we can perform this service for you for a reasonable charge. Each client’s follow-up process will be custom-designed for particular circumstances.

Subscriptions to E-advisories Specific to Presentation Content We publish several three weekly e-advisories (Lessons in Leadership, Retention Reminders, FutureThink) that are distributed to paid subscribers. Though the regular retail price is $47 per year per person, we offer bulk pricing and will deliver the e-advisories to the participants directly by e-mail.

Specially-written E-mail Follow-up System

A series of follow-up e-mails can be designed for you. The messages will be designed to convey particular points or reminders. These e-mails will be distributed by The Herman Group on a regular basis, variable to meet client needs.

Articles for Magazine, Newsletter, Website

We are happy to provide follow-up articles for you, reinforcing the points made during our presentations. Just tell us the content you want (we can discuss), length, and deadline. We’ll meet your needs.

Web Posting

Our handout, if we used one, and/or other relevant information of value to our participants can be posted on a special page on The Herman Group’s website. This posting may be arranged ahead of time so participants can be advised during the presentation, or the client can send an invitation after the meeting for people to go to the URL for more information.

Executive Briefings

Leaders of companies participating in your meeting may wish for their executive teams to receive a similar presentation. We can package the information as an "executive briefing" and deliver it in person or remotely to the company’s leaders. If the client wishes to offer (or arranged) this service for a number of participating organizations, special pricing will be available to put the right package together.

Management Development Program

Research has shown that the most important factor in how long a worker stays with an employer is the relationship the employee has with his/her immediate supervisor. We discovered that few companies have trained their supervisors in the techniques of employee retention. So, we developed a turnkey package for a 6-session training program for managers and supervisors. This program can be delivered in-house by company employees or we can provide a facilitator.

These ideas are intended as a start. We are open to your ideas about how to strengthen our value before, during, and after our actual presentation.


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