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  Recent Media Exposure
"'Impending Crisis' was #12 on our Business Books
Best Seller List for 2003!"

08/06 Human Resource Executive Online, "Support for Guard, Reserve Leaves Waning"

06/06 Strategies Magazine, "Responding to the impending workforce crisis"

04/10/06 Hiram Online, "The many educations of a Hiram grad"

04/06 Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, "Recharge your life"

3/16/06 BusinessWeek online, "Ready for a Flood of Talent?"

3/12/06 Canadian Business Magazine, "What you might be doing in 2055"

03/06 Inside Supply Management, "Working Hard to Avoid the Labor Shortage"

03/06 Compensation and Benefits Digest, "Lifestyle Plans will Replace Retirement Plans"

03/06 Kitchen & Bath Design News, "20-20 Executive Summit Termed a Success"

Winter 2006 The Partner ChannelMagazine, "Employee Turnover: Costly Expense or Manageable Problem"

Fall 2005/Winter 2006 HiramMagazine, "From the President's Desk"

Fall 2005/Winter 2006 HiramMagazine, "'Education that Works Conference' endorses the liberal arts"

2/16/06 Workforce Management Magazine, "How do we hire to retain workers and reduce turnover?" "

2/13/06 Blue Ridge Business Journal, "Generational Storm Summit"

1/27/06 Southern Illinoisan, "Thumbs up to Southern Illinois Healthcare for becoming an Employer of Choice"

1/25/05 target=_blank>Workforce Management Magazine, "The Boom in Boomerangs"

1/02/06 Charlotte Observer, "Start your 'lifestyle account' and go out for cereal"

1/01/06 Charlotte Observer, "Eyes will be on managers as workers jump jobs"

Jan/Feb/06 National Geographic Traveler, "Where's the Wi-Fi?"

December 2005-January 2006, "The Future Workforcce: Who, What, Where?"

12/15/05 target=_blank>Workforce Management Magazine, "How do we reverse a culture of hostility?"

12/05 Harbinger Magazine, "Education that Works? Boldly follow your heart to find career success"

12/05 EntrepreneurMagazine, "Staffing"

11/26/05 U.S. News & World Report, "Uptick in concierge service"

11/21/05 Sun Sentinel, "Future of jobs a guessing game"

11/05 Harbinger Magazine (Hiram College), "Conference Will Show How Liberal Arts and Careers Connect"

11/05 BizLife Magazine, "Jobs of the Future"

Fall 2005 International Abstracts of Human Resources,"HR managers as employee-retention specialists"

10/26/05, "Ameriprise Retirement Services Introduces Podcasting"

10/09/05 El Paso Times, "Taking care of people helps take care of business"

10/04/05 Genetic Engineering News, "IIR's ECSW USA Division makes a donation to Arnold Palmer Hospital"

10/04/05 Courier Post, "CHECKLIST: Why workers leave jobs"

10/03/05 Honolulu Advertiser, "Lots of turnover, lack of well-trained employees take toll"

10/01/05 Vetjobs Early Eagle--October, "Message from the Top"

9/26/05, "Catching the Entrepreneurial Bug"

9/23/05, "Surge in Unemployment Claims from Katrina, But there’s Good News, Too!"

9/19/05 Montgomery Advertiser, "Take this job and keep it "

9/19/05 Working Knowledge (Harvard Business School), "Rethinking Company Loyalty"

9/09 Tech World News, "CIOs Expect Steady Growth in Tech Sector Hiring"

9/05 The Partner ChannelMagazine, "Secrets" to Becoming a Better Employee"

8/29/05 The Desert Sun, Don't underestimate integrity's virtue

8/22/05 Execunet Career Smart Advisor, Managing Up

8/16/05 Industry Week, Another Worker Shortage Affects Executives

8/14/05, Lights On. Nobody home. Where have all the workers gone?

8/09/05 Myrtle Beach Sun, Workers get creative in excuses for time off

8/09/05 Kansas City Star, Is a job offer a moving experience?

8/09/05 Workforce ManagementMagazine, "The Lesson from Student Athletes: Not About the Money"

8/08/05 Christian Science Monitor, Strong hiring shows depth of expansion

8/07/05 Workforce Week, New Reports, Studies and More

8/06/05 New York Times, Frequent-Guest Perks Grow More Generous

8/05 Jerry Bellune's Circulation Leadership, Five books you need to read this year

8/05 HR Executive, The Future of HR

8/01/05 SHRMonline, "Employers increasingly willing to test the PTO waters"

7/27/05 Fort Worth Star Telegram, Sick? Or calling in well?

7/26/05 The Baltimore Sun, Sick day craze brings wild excuses

7/26/05 News release Wire, Recruitment and Retention Strategies: 2005 Red Alert Report Now Available

7/22/05 WTOP/CBS Radio, Washington, DC (News Talk Radio), Outsourcing

7/20/05 Air Force TimesDatabase helps Reserve,Guard members find help

7/19/05 eMediaWireFuturists Joyce Gioia and Roger Herman to Head Human Capital Research Institute

6/10/05 "Worker Shortage to Hit Region, Study Says"

5/19/05 Christian Science Monitor, "Now Hiring: the hot jobs of the moment"

5/11/05 Pittsburgh Tribune Review, "Airline tries to keep key workers"

5/11/05 News Release Wire, "Where have all our leaders gone?"

5/11/05 Miami Herald, "Tips for when key employee about to leave"

5/10/05 ABC News, "PTO: Absent with Leave"

5/04/05 Axis of Logic, "PTO:absent with leave"

5/04/05 Christian Science Monitor, "Paid Time Off"

5/05 Management Consulting News, "The Looming Talent Crisis"

4/21/05 Raleigh News & Observer, "Hundreds to make up for buyouts"

4/14/05 Billings Gazette, "Deaconess ‘Employer of Choice’"

4/10/05 Profnet Wire, "Assessment Tests" (German)

3/30/05 IT Manager's Journal, "How IT companies can prepare for labor shortages"

3/22/05 Akron Beacon Journal, "Blog with Care"

3/16/05 The Sunday Times, "Third Shift No Longer a Lonely Outpost"

3/14/05 Computerworld New Zealand , "Winning employee support"

3/12/05 Arkansas News Bureau , "Worker shortages starting to affect labor market health"

3/06/05 Baltimore Sun, "When it's time to jump ship"

3/01/05 Christian Science Monitor, "Department-store landmarks give way in big merger"

2/28/05 Christian Science Monitor, "Merger? Five ways to survive."

2/23/05 Arizona Republic, "For Scottsdale schools, the receptionist is now the Director of First Response"

2/21/05 Macomb Daily, "Retirement only a pipe dream for many"

2/13/05, "It’s all about company perks"

2/11/05 Leadership. Now., "Managerial Mind Gem"

2/07/05 Manager's Journal, "Why managers must involve employees when change happens"

2/06/05 Orlando Sentinel, "Think twice before acting on urge to merge"

2/05 BizLife Magazine, "The global problem of short-term turnover"

1/17/05 SHRMOnline, "Experts predict employee exodus, urge career development"

1/09/05 California Job Journal, "Seeds of Discontent"

1/05/05 BusinessWeek online, "Keeping New Hires Hooked"

1/03/05 Career News, "2005: The market belongs to job candidates "

1/05 BizLife Magazine, "Women will be More Desirable"

1/05 The Business Journal of Tri-Cities Tennessee/Virginia, "Two Visionary Concepts"

12/27/04 Christian Science Monitor, "Workers retiring one step at a time"

12/27/04, "Workers retiring one step at a time"

12/27/04 Detroit Free Press, "BOOMER BUST: Now they're changing how America retires"

12/22/04 Houston Chronicle, "Santa or Scrooge"

12/21/04 Myrtle Beach News, "Santa or Scrooge"

12/19/04 The Akron Beacon Journal, "Santa or Scrooge"

12/15/04 American Way Magazine, "A Tidal Wave of Turnover"

11/29/04 The News Journal, "Employees vent frustrations online"

11/22/04 Honolulu Advertiser, "Small companies can provide big job opportunities"

11/21/04 Raleigh News and Observer, "My boss is a *%$!"

11/20/04 The Desert Sun, "Small firms dwarf ‘big business’ in job growth"

11/15/04 The Bob Reed Show, "Parents Working for Kids"

11/15/04 Nation's Resturant News, "Confab forcast: Labor shortage, turnover to worsen soon"

11/02/04 Peter Popper Report, "Leaders with Ideas"

11/04 CEO Refresher, "Re-Recruiting: A Tool to Protect and Grow"

10/26/04 BusinessWeek online, "Small Biz Has Iraq in Its Mind"

10/02/04 Human Resource Executive Magazine, FYI Column: "Seller’s Market"

10/04 On Wall Street, "A Coming Broker Bust?"

10/04 Inside Supply Management, "Integrated and Vital: The State of Manufacturing"

10/04 SBC MentorLinkNewsletter, "Support, not Direction" (SBC Midwest Network)

September/October/04 VowsMagazine, "Adjusting to Contemporary Brides"

09/30/04 ACTEonline, "Interview: Roger Herman"

09/21/04 Workforce Week, "Two Points of View and Two Strategies for What to Do Now."

09/10/04 Triad Business Journal, "Turnover? Firms may want to brace for changes in years ahead."

09/10/04, "Keeping competent employees in all positions is vital to keeping something else: customers."

09/07/04 El Tiempo, "Dar buenas condiciones laborales a los empleados asegura la rentabilidad de las empresas" (Bogota, Colombia)

09/07/04 Portafolio, "Edutainment y Herman Group anuncia alliance" (Bogota, Colombia)

09/04 Selling PowerMagazine, "Keep ’em on Board"

09/04 BizLife Magazine, "Herman Trend Alert: The Shift Has Begun."

08/27/04 Flag, "Military Personnel Will be Targets for Corporate Recruiters"

08/17/04 Kansas City Star, "Leaves given even where not required"

08/13/04 SHRMonline, "Labor crisis isn’t far off, futurist tells Illinois SHRM conference"

08/11/04 The Miami Herald, "Even the Bosses Are Struggling"

08/11/04 Stillwater News Press, "Speaker: CareerTech important for future workforce"

08/07/04 Human Capital Institute, "Herman and Gioia Members of the Future of Labor Advisory Board"

08/05/04 National Public Radio, "Job Search Remains Difficult for Many"

08/04/04 Oklahoma City Gazette, "Cashed Out"

08/04 , "Successfully Navigating Office Politics"

08/04 Smart Money Magazine, "The September Agenda: Forecast from Roger Herman"

08/04 BizLife Magazine, "Don't Ignore the Talent that Makes Your Business Profitable"

7/28/04 Intergraph, "APEX Summit 2004"

7/18/04 Ocala Star Banner, "Can creative perquisites improve company loyalty?"

7/15/04 Chicago Tribune, "Perks help keep workers happy"

7/15/04 WEDDLE's Newsletter, "Site News You Can Use"

7/15/04 Baltimore Sun, "Bad times don't halt some good job perks"

7/14/04 Monterey Herald, "Companies try creative perks to keep loyalty"

7/14/04 Canton Repository, "Can Creative Perquisites Improve Company Loyalty?"

7/12/04 The Globe and Mail, "Older workers the employees of choice for may recruiters"

7/01/04 Industry Week, "The Numbers Deficit"

6/25/04, "Thinking Out Loud with Joyce Gioia"

6/25/04 Charlotte Observer, "Wal-Mart women' whittling wage gap?"

6/08/04 The Interbiznet Bugler, "The Herman Group and Recruitmax form new partnership, "

6/05/04 American Way Magazine, "Which Way Do We Go?"

6/04The Pathforward Advisory, "The Examination Process Leading to Employer of Choice® Recognition"

5/27/04 Workforce Management--News in Brief, "Behind the Scenes, Employers are Recruiting"

5/25/04 Womans Day, "Chaos Central"

5/24/04, "How Career Management Is Like a Game of Hopscotch"

5/20/04 Dear Workforce, "Retention and the Bottom Line"

5/18/04 Burlington Free Press, "Balancing business travel with family life"

5/18/04 Daily Breeze, "Companies supporting our troops find support"

5/17/04 Chicago Tribune, "Recruiters see the heart of the matter"

5/16/04 Christian Science Monitor, "To boost the profits, keep the workers"

5/16/04 The Oregonian, "At 60, futurist sees no need to retire, and he's not alone"

5/10/04 Christian Science Monitor, "So many rooms... so few workers"

5/07/04 CNBC, "Bertha Combs Show: Older Workers"

5/06/04 WBNW and WPLM, "Lindsay Palmer Show---Older Workers" (Boston)

5/06/04 WFMY-TV, "Off-shoring" (Greensboro)

5/03/04 WBNW and WPLM, "Hire Frequencies with Dave Abrams: Ahead of the Curve---Older Workers" (Boston)

Spring 2004 Employment Relations Today, "Strategic Planning for the Impending Labor Shortage"

Spring 2004 Employment Management Today, "Making a Good Match"

Spring, 2004 iAmerican Spirit, "future employment"

4/29/04 Kiplinger Personal Finance, "Retirement as we know it is gone"

4/26/04 Insight on the News, "Many Cops Now Come Armed With Wireless Technology"

4/25/04 The Daily Oklahoman, "Experts Foresee Employment Trends in Outsourcing, Insourcing, Flexsourcing"

4/25/04 Sacramento Bee , "Shifting careers: Improving economy spurs job exodus"

4/18/04 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "'Boomerang employees': More companies rehiring former workers"

4/18/04 St. Paul Pioneer Press, "How green are your investments?"

4/16/04, "WiFi with those fries?"

4/08/04, "Keeping Good People #1 Daily Pick"

4/06/04 Christian Science Monitor, "A not-so-mobile society"

4/06/04 The Word Spy, "Warm Chair Attrition"

4/06/04 Tucson Citizen, "Bosses Warned: Value workers"

4/01/04 Chicago Tribune, "Old view of retirement not working"

4/05/04 WBNW and WPLM, "Hire Frequencies with Dave Abrams: Ahead of the Curve---Number of Jobs Increasing" (Boston)

4/04/04 Minneapolis Star Tribune, "Productivity is up, but so is burnout"

4/04 Entrepreneur Magazine, "Loyal Treatment"

4/04 Selling Power Magazine, "Choosing the Right Speaker"

3/30/04 U.S. Newswire, "Work-Life Experts Scheduled at Conference for Office Managers; Homeland Security Experts Also Scheduled"

3/30/04 Dallas Morning News, "Pressure is increasing for corporate workers"

3/26/04 Internet Telephony Magazine, "Apex Summit 2004"

3/21/04 Dallas Morning News, "A battered workforce carries on"

3/16/04 Human Resource Executive Magazine, "What Shortage?"

3/09/04 International Herald Tribune, "Keeping employees happy is rising cost for U.S. firms"

3/01/04 Seattle Post-Intelligencer, "DON'T JUMP INTO A JOB YOU'LL HATE"

3/01/04 Vetjobs Early Eagle, "Message from the Top"

3/01/04 Business Talk Radio, Morning Watch, hosted by David and Amanda, "College Students in Demand Again"

3/01/04 WBNW and WPLM, "Hire Frequencies with Dave Abrams: Ahead of the Curve---Reducing Stress at Work" (Boston)

3/01/04 The Business Journal of the Greater Triad, "High-Tech companies in Triad having difficulty hiring"

3/04 Consulting to Management, "Impending Crisis: Too Many Jobs, Too Few People" (Book Review)

3/04 Fortune Small Business, "Return of the Perk"

3/04 NACS Magazine,"The Changing Face of Labor" (cover story)

3/04 Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine, "Retiring Early"

3/04 Cleaner Times Magazine, "Impending Crisis"

2/23/04 HR News, "Job Market Tightens Up in U.S. Metro Areas"

2/22/04 The Mercury News, "Advice on climbing corporate ladder tops list"

2/17/04, "Shortage of Leaders Threatens America's Economic Stability"

2/17/04 WLIE-Adrian Berg Show, "Older workers, multi-generational workforce, leadership" (Deer Park. New York)

2/15/04 Raleigh News and Observer, "Sharing a career, getting a life"

2/11/04 Miami Herald, "More Dads Taking Kids to Work, Raising Familiar Gender-Gap Issue"

2/08/04 CBS MarketWatch, "Forced Retirement"

2/04/04 Dear Workforce, "Ideal Questions for a "Stay" Interview?"

2/04/04 The Career News, Monthly Column from Joyce Gioia

2/03/04 Business Talk Radio, "Non-retirement"

2/02/04 Ad Week, "Flexing your schedule"

2/02/04 WBNW and WPLM, "Hire Frequencies with Dave Abrams: Ahead of the Curve---Webhire and Electronic Recruiting" (Boston)

2/01/04 New Zealand Management, "Ten predictions for 2004"

2/01/04 Vetjobs Agency Early Eagle, "VetJobs Recommends: Impending Crisis"

2/01/04 Vetjobs Agency Eagle, "Veteran Job Hiring Increases" (Herman Trend Alert)

2/04 Benefits and Compensation Solutions Magazine

2/04 Entrepreneur Magazine, "New arrivals? Signs of recovery have some businesses hiring"

2/04 Incentive Magazine, "Workplace Forecast for 2004"

January-February/04 Selling Power Magazine, "Searching for Stars"

1/28/04, "Military Personnel Will be Targets for Corporate Recruiters"

1/26/04 WMVD-Radio , "Dan DiOrio Show" (Peoria, IL)

1/23/04 Detroit News, "Quicken Loans keeps staff spirits, goals high"

1/18/04 Greensboro News and Record, "Roger Herman elected president of Employers United for a Stronger America"

1/16/04 Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette, "Author: American labor pool drying up"

1/15/03 WBNW and WPLM, "WBNW and WPLM Lindsay Parker with the Boston Chamber of Commerce & John Moran w/Adecco---Workplace Forecasts" (Boston)

1/14/04 Dallas Morning News, "Enough to make your head spin"

1/13/04 KGW Northeast News Channel, "People feeling stressed out"

1/13/04 Milwaukee Small Business Times, "Impending Crisis on the CEO-READ Bestseller List"

1/13/04 AdweekMagazine, "Interview with Roger Herman"

1/12/04 Knight Ridder Business News, "Despite Current Jobless Recovery, Some Economists Warn LaborShortage Coming"

1/12/04 Charlotte Observer, "Too many jobs and too few workers?"

1/07/04 Business Journal of the Tri-Cities, "2004 Forecasts"

1/07/04 Tea Leaf, "2004 Workforce and Workplace Forecasts" (Thredgold Economic Associates)

1/06/04 Courier Post, "Economy likely to benefit those hunting for jobs"

1/05/04 Salisbury Post, "School health programs are giving students a head start in medical careers"

1/05/04 WBNW and WPLM, "Hire Frequencies with Dave Abrams: Ahead of the Curve---Increasing Job Prospects" (Boston)

1/04/04, "2004 Forecasts"

1/03/04 Business Week, "Keeping New Hires Hooked"

1/04 Redbook Magazine, "My best stress-relieving splurge"

1/04 Recruiting Trends Newsletter, "A Value-Added Recruiting Strategy: Hiring Reservists and Veterans"

1/04 Human Capital Magazine, "Monthly Column on Workforce Issues by Roger Herman"

1/04 work/life Today, "Antidote to hospital staffing crisis: respect"

December-January/04 Human Resource Executive Magazine, "Cyberpoll -- Hiring Plans 2004"

12/12/03 Raleigh News and Observer, "Holiday bonuses in short supply"

12/06/03 The Employment Channel, "Impending Labor Crisis Ahead" (Reprise)

12/07/03 The Employment Channel, "Impending Labor Crisis Ahead"

12/06/03 The Employment Channel, "Choosing Your Next Employer" (Reprise)

12/07/03 The Employment Channel, "Choosing Your Next Employer" (Reprise)

12/02/03 WBNW and WPLM, "Hire Frequencies with Dave Abrams: Ahead of the Curve---Older Workers" (Boston)

12/03, "Emerging Trends and Demographic Forces to Watch for in the Next Decade"

12/03 The Charles Report , "Impending Crisis" (Book Review: not available on line)

November-December/03 Association Executive Magazine, "Impending Crisis:Tighter Labor Market Ahead"

11/30/03 The Employment Channel, "Becoming an Employer of Choice®" (Reprise)

11/29/03 The Employment Channel, "Becoming an Employer of Choice®"

11/28/03 The Business Journal of the Greater Triad Area, "JoAnn Seymour named vp, business devlopment"

11/26/03 Tuscaloosa News, "DCH named one of top 11 places to work" (Employer of Choice® Award Winner)

11/23/03 The Employment Channel, "Choosing Your Next Employer" (Reprise)

11/22/03 The Employment Channel, "Choosing Your Next Employer"

11/04/03 WBBH-TV, Afternoon News (Ft. Meyers, Florida)

11/04/03 WBNW and WPLM, "Hire Frequencies with Dave Abrams: Ahead of the Curve---Unemployment" (Boston)

11/04/03 WINK-TV, "Lee Memorial earns the Employer of Choice® Award" (Ft. Meyers, Florida)

11/02/03 Raleigh News & Observer, "Software says who's leaving"

11/03/03 WGCU, NPR Station for Gulf Coast University

11/03 Cleaner Times Magazine, "A Desire to Stay"

Fall/03 MWorld, "Where are tomorrow's leaders?"

10/28/03 Baltimore Sun, "A nation of Dilberts"

10/28/03 Quad Cities Times, "Discontent at work becoming the norm"

10/26/03 Business Week Online, "Small Biz Has Iraq on Its Mind"

10/22/03 Miami Herald, "A new career, made fresh to order"

10/20/03 Business Journal, "It's Time to Get Over It!: Economic Growth Driving Employment Turbulence"

10/19/03 Raleigh News & Observer,

10/05/03 Tucson Citizen, "1990s Hiring Coming Back"

10/04/03 KTAR Radio, Interview on the casual dress trend

10/03/03, "Got Skills?"

10/03/03 Dallas Morning News, "Tune in to '90s hiring repeat"

10/02/03 Dallas Morning News, "Tune in to '90s hiring repeat: Futurist declares party over, says skilled-worker crisis has commenced"

10/01/03 Worklife Benefits Newsletter

10/03 Construction Executive Magazine, "Workplace Accidents May Rise in 2004"

10/03 SHRM Online- Diversity Homepage, "Where Will Employers Find Talent in the 21st Century?"

10/03 Embroidery Monogram Business Magazine, "6 Ways to Tackle the Tight Labor Market Ahead"

10/03 Executive Excellence, "Retention: Key to Bottom-Line Success"

10/03 Human Resource Executive Magazine, "Cyberpoll -- Hiring Plans 2004"

September/October/04 VowsMagazine, "Manager in the Middle"

September-October/03 Legal Management Magazine, "Motivate Your Team"

September/October/03 Strategic HR Review Magazine, Book Review of Impending Crisis

9/24/03's Weekly Newsletter, "Work Force Storm is Coming"

9/20/03 The Press of Atlantic City, "Happy Employees: Worries over Future Labor Shortage Put Worker Retention Back in the Picture"

9/17/03's Weekly Newsletter, "Workplace Accidents May Increase in 2004"

9/07/03, "Christian Science Monitor, 9/2/03"

9/02/03 Daily Times, "Shaping skill sets" (Delaware County, PA)

09/03 The Business Journal of Tri-Cities Tennessee/Virginia/a>, "The Coming Talent Wars"

9/03 Business Partner, "Education Summit"

9/03 ERAPPA News, "We the"

9/03 Workforce Management Magazine, "Hot bodies wanted immediately"

9/03 Human Resource Executive Magazine, "Securing the Psyches"

9/03 from Financial Executive Magazine, "'Offshoring' Drive for Savings Accelerates"

9/03 Association Trends Magazine, "Herman Trend Alert: Transitions in Association Convention Programs"

9/03 American Recycler, "Language, Clarity, Diversity, or Not an Issue?"

9/03 The Business Journal of the Tri-Cities, "Futurist Warns of Labor Meltdown"

9/03 The Business Journal of the Tri-Cities, "The Coming Talent Wars"

9/03 HR Magazine, "The Need for Top Talent No Smoke Screen"

8/31/03 Raleigh News & Observer,Jobs that won't leave. In a changing economy, there are still a few jobs that remain safe

8/29/03 The Business Journal of the Greater Triad Area, "Relying on overseas workers to staff call centers may create own woes"

8/28/03 CNNfn, "The Flip Side"

8/28/03, "Re: The Business 2.0 article"

8/26/03 Hire Frequencies (Radio Show)

8/19/03, "Advantages of Reading the HCM Blog"

8/18/03, "HCM Observations from the Power Outage"

8/16/03, "Lessons from a Power Outage"

8/15/03 CIO Magazine, "Here in Body Only"

8//06/03 The Interview Exchange, "Back to the Future"

8/01/03 CNNfn

8/03 Talent Economy Magazine,"Job Migration Coming Full Circle"

8/03 Promotional Products Business Magazine,"Winning the Talent Wars"

8/03 National Driller Magazine, "Enable people to discover their talents."

7/30/03 Greenville News, "Pillowtex idles factories; 6,450 textile jobs lost"

7/25/03 The Business Journal of the Greater Triad Area ,"Unready for retirnment: Market woes delay 'golden years'"

7/22/03 (National Association of Convenience Stores),"Preparing Your Business for an Economic Turnaround"

7/20/03 Greensboro News and Record,"Bridging the Retirement Gap"

7/15/03 Electronic Recruiting Exchange,"Get Ready for a Surge!"

7/11/03 Positive Performance Newsletter,"Workplace Forecasts 2003"

7/09/03 Bob Nelson's Tip of the Week.

7/03 Executive Excellence, "Plug the Holes in Your O-Zone Layer"

7/03 Audio-Tech Book Summaries, Summary of Impending Crisis

7/03 Promotional Products Business, "Impending Crisis: Tighter Labor Market Ahead"

7/03 American Recycler, "Coping with Fewer People"

7/03 VHA Alliance Magazine, "If You're Happy and You Know It"

7/03 CEO Refresher, "Creative Ideas for Retaining Employees"

6/29/03 Savannah Morning News, "Talent Drain?"

6/23/03's Weekly Newsletter, "It's Not Easy Being Gray"

6/22/03, "What happens if 10% of your best people leave?"

6/19/03 Dear Workforce,"Bringing Back Employees from the Dead"

6/18/03 St. Bernards Medical Center, "SBMC Recognized as an Employer of Choice®"

6/17/03's Weekly Newsletter, "Movin' On Up. . .and Stirring Up the Waters"

6/17/03, "Take Another Look At The Unemployment Figures"

6/17/03 Burt Dubin Newsletter, "Herman Trend Alert"

6/12/03 ArkansasBUSINESS.COM, "St. Bernards Medical Center Wins Employer of Choice Award"

6/11/03 The Dallas Morning News, "Look Out, World: Here We Come!"

6/9/03's Weekly Newsletter, "Movin' On Up. . .and Stirring Up the Waters"

6/8/03 Raleigh News and Observer, "Novel Idea: Happy People"

6/7/03 The Futurist Magazine, "Strength in Small Business"


6/03 Workforce Magazine, "25 trends that will change the way you do business"

6/03 Incentive Magazine, "Retaining flighty talent"

6/03 IMC Times, "CMC Success Story"

6/03 Resumés (French Publication), "Impending Crisis" (extensive excerpt from the book)

6/03 Fortune, "Perks that Work"

6/03, "Using a Counter-Offer to Get a Raise"

6/03 Professional Speaker Magazine, "Member News"

6/03 Workforce Magazine, "Help Wanted: Ten Million Workers"

6/03 Futurist Update, "Looming Labor Shortages"

6/03 American Way Magazine, "The Evaporating Labor Pool"

May/June/03 Support World Magazine, "Impending Crisis: Tighter Labor Market Ahead"

5/25/03 Raleigh News and Observer, "In Cubeland, the Walls Really Do Have Ears"

5/20/03, "Future Shock"

5/19/03 American Management Association, "Prepare Now For Increased Employee Turnover"

5/16/03 American Management Association, "A Futurist’s Warning to Employers: Prepare Now for Increased Employee Turnover"

5/12/03 Fortune Small Business, "Impending Crisis"

5/12/03, "Workforce Issues Moving to the Bottom Line"

5/11/03 New York Times, "Unexpected Joys of a Workplace Seen the Second Time Around"

5/11/03 San Jose Mercury News, "top-selling business books"

5/11/03 Newsday, "A Mentor Makes the Difference When Looking for a First Job"

5/11/03 Seattle Times, "Carol Kleiman: Before the beep, Keep it short and sweet"

5/8/03 Newhouse News Service, "Making the Most of Internships Requires Effort on Both Sides"

5/6/03 Womans Day, "Third Time's a Charm"

5/6/03 Fortune Magazine, "Ask Annie: About To Graduate? Don't Have a Job?"

5/5/03 "Future Shock"(from Human Resource Executive®)

5/4/03 New York Times "Near the top, hiring prospects brighten"

5/1/03 Industry Week, "The Next Crisis: Too Few Workers"

5/03 Health Leaders Magazine, "Fresh Ink: Book Review of Impending Crisis"

5/03 Rehab Continuum Report, "Retention: the pound of cure for recruiters"

5/03 bizLifeMagazine, "The Hidden Killer: Warm Chair Attrition"

5/03 The Talent Economy, "Hunting for Rare Game"

5/03 Heavy Duty TruckingMagazine, "Was That Last Labor Shortage Just Practice?"

5/03 MobilityMagazine, "Preparing for the Labor Shortage"

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5/03 American Recycler, "Your Workforce: A New Model for Human Resources"

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Monthly (National Association of Convenience Stores), "The Herman Trend Alert"

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