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  BrainX - Employee Retention for Managers and Supervisors Online Course

Research has shown that the single most important factor in retaining an employee is the relationship between the employee and immediate supervisor. What are you doing to insure success?

A new on-line course on employee retention for managers and supervisors

  • Easy-to-digest, bite-size chunks of information and technique, organized into ten valuable sessions--each delivering current content on the vital issue of the day
  • Painless and actually fun-to-take, the course utilizes a new learning technology developed by BrainX, Newbury Park, California
  • Content mastery effortlessly achieved by initial understanding supplemented by memory reactivation
  • Learners move at own pace, with capacity to repeat multiple times for a full year
  • Reasonably priced, delivered promptly. Available now.
  • Created by Roger Herman, the "father of employee retention", author of Keeping Good People and similar books

Wise employers emphasize that retention is the job of management, not other employees or human resource professionals. The problem is that few employers train managers and supervisors on retention techniques…things they can do without running for human resources.

Isn't it time you equipped your key people with the knowledge and skills they need?

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BrainX $99.00 each Call to order.


This employee retention course is organized into ten lessons that flow logically to make learning easy. Each session presents knowledge and technique created specifically for use by managers and supervisors. The ten lessons your people will benefit from are:

  1. Today's Employment Environment
  2. The Importance of the Manager's Role
  3. Why Good People Leave Employers
  4. The Culture Thing
  5. Enlightened Leadership
  6. The Power of Relationships
  7. Providing Support
  8. Growth and Development
  9. Reward and Recognition
  10. Measurement and Monitoring.


Collaborating with the most respected neurobiologists and education experts in the United States, BrainXTM created the first Online Learning Mastery SystemTM. From content creation to content delivery, this system improves every element of e-learning. This system accelerates learning, locks information into long term memory and produces true mastery. And that Mastery creates a measurable increase in performance and a valuable return on investment.

A unique element of the BrainX system is that every learner gets his or her own Personal Digital Tutor. The Digital Tutor:

  • Creates a personal connection between the learner and the system, which
    • lowers course abandonment
    • increases the time learners spend on task and
    • improves the learner experience
  • Molds every part of the course to the needs and learning preferences of the learner…accelerating learning and increasing long-term retention.
  • Continues to reinforce learned information over time until it is locked in the learners long term memory

Each learner needs to have a plan to succeed, a full set of information to gain initial understanding including books and other reading material, a BrainX Digital Learning Guide to build the memory activations steps and some exercises to work with the material. An optional final step to mastery is a final exam on all the material.

This employee retention course is self-contained. Everything needed by the manager or supervisor is included in this on-line presentation. To gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the subject, learners are encouraged to read Keeping Good People and other publications on retention. A series of weekly e-lessons, Retention Reminders, offers the option for extended learning and reinforcement.

The course plan breaks the course down into bite-size chunks. The learner can schedule whatever rate of learning is desired; there are no requirements to limit progress to one lesson per week, for instance.

Learners sign off as they complete each step. For tracking purposes, in some organizations, the learner turns a reporting sheet into the manager at the end of each week. The manager can easily see if the employee is on track with his/her plan. At the end of the course the employee can take a certification exam and receive a certificate of completion.


The BrainX Digital Learning System (DLS) was developed by five recognized experts in the fields of education technology, educational psychology, computer-based training and learning theory. DLS incorporates information from over 200 research studies on accelerated learning and how the human brain masters information.

Extensive research shows that the brain of an expert actually operates differently from an informed novice. In any given situation, the novas might be able to analyze the problem and identify many possible solutions. Then using a process of elimination they can come up with the correct solution. The Expert on the other hand, instantly identifies the relevant pattern, selects the correct principal that is needed to solve the problem, and then correctly applies the principle. This process is as true for the expert sales person as it is for the expert chess player or physicist.

Turning Ordinary People into Experts

But what does it take to become an expert? Again we look to the research and find that the key to becoming an expert is the mastery of a large amount of facts. Tom Watson, a co-discoverer of DNA and one of the greatest scientists of all time, was asked about the secret of his academic success. He explained simply that he mastered an incredible amount of facts!

The best sales trainers in the nation confirm that sales people have a great fear of being embarrassed in front of customers. Therefore, they will not use their knowledge and facts unless they have mastered them.

Mastering information happens in two distinct stages. The first is initial understanding. This is what happens when you read a book or listen to a lecture.

The problem is that your brain is designed to chunk and dump information. Therefore without the second step of memory reactivation the information you learned is quickly forgotten. Research shows that three weeks after a one-week training course the retention rate is only 15 percent of what was covered--after a one day seminar the retention rate is only five percent. These retention rates are not enough to change behavior. A tool is needed to improve memory retention and change behavior.

Initial understanding is incredible important because it allows the brain to connect the new knowledge to what it already knows. It also allows the brain to form a framework on which it hangs the facts.

Reinforcement over Time

For memory reactivation to be effective, the core parts of the course, book, or lecture have to be reinforced over a period of several days. Research has shown that the best way to accomplish memory reactivation is with a special type of question called a learning question. The BrainX Digital Learning System Software allows the user or a course creator to convert every key idea, fact and term into a learning question.

Without mastering information there is no return on investment for training and education expenditures. Mastery produces pattern recognition, the ability to transfer information learned in one context to a completely different context, the ability to properly apply the learned information and confidence all of which will change behavior.

BrainX started out helping students and physicians prepare for high stakes medical licensing exams and certification. It is called high stakes because the downside of not mastering information is potentially catastrophic including losing your license. Our success in medical education caught the attention of the biggest publishers in the world who now use BrainX to produce digital study guides for their best textbooks.

Now corporate trainers and the best sales trainers in the world use BrainX as a core part of their education process. Lectures, tapes and books are used to help learners gain an initial understanding of material. Then the learner uses the BrainX Digital Learning Guide to master the information.


Managers and supervisors taking this course can move at whatever pace they desire. The ten lessons can be completed in quick succession or the sessions can be extended over a period of weeks.

This course may be repeated as often as the registered learners desire. It is available for reinforcement for a full year after initial purchase. There is no requirement to repurchase or pay any re-use agreement fee. Everything is included.


The cost of this course in employee retention, utilizing BrainX technology, is only $99 per person. It can be taken by one person from a company, or many. Employers interested in discounted prices for 50 or more participants registered at the same time should call Joyce at 336-210-3547. You can also e-mail Joyce and she will contact you.


Roger Herman was recognized as "the father of employee retention," since he wrote the first book in the field. Keeping Good People was first published in 1990, before anyone else was even thinking about retention. A prolific authority in the field, Roger also wrote Turbulence!, Workforce Stability, Lean & Meaningful, How to Become an Employer of Choice, and Impending Crisis: Too Many Jobs, Too Few People, and other books. His publications and other products have helped numerous companies overcome employee turnover problems and achieve greater workforce stability, productivity, and profit.

Seeking to reduce employee turnover, many different kinds of employers have engaged the consultants of The Herman Group. An active consultant since March 1980, Roger was recognized by The Institute of Management Consultants as a Certified Management Consultant and as a Fellow of the Institute. Roger earned an enviable reputation for his success in building organizational leadership and helping those leaders reduce voluntary turnover.

Roger was also a sought-after speaker on workforce trends and employee retention. The National Speakers Association has designated him as a Certified Speaking Professional.

In his work, he delived speeches for corporate management meetings and trade association conventions. His seminars and workshops for his client companies enabled a wide variety of organizations to improve performance and workforce stability.

For those interested in the personal information, Roger is a graduate of Hiram College in Ohio and earned a masters degree from The Ohio State University. He is happily married and enjoys the empty nester life traveling around the country in a motorhome.


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