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  Benefits of the Employee Retention SpecialistTM Certificate Program(ERSCP)

As a result of attending (or sending key people from your organization), you will be taking positive steps to:

    1. Respond proactively to the "retention crisis" knocking at your door.

    2. Facilitate change and performance improvement using your "retention expertise."

    3. Prevent and reduce unwanted employee turnover and loss of human/intellectual capital.

    4. Increase bottom-line profit by reducing costs related to turnover.

    5. Maximize the contribution of top talent (who produce 3-10 times more than average performers).

    6.Find out the five reasons why employees leave . . . and what to do about them!

    7. Learn what it takes to create meaningfulness in your workplace

    8. Improve retention skills of leaders, managers, supervisors, and employees at all levels.

    9. Develop expertise in an area where employers are in crisis and need specialized assistance and talent.

    10. Build professional skills in a highly visible and accountable role leading to potential career advancement.

    11. Make a bottom-line contribution to the performance of your organization and the success of people.

    12. Perform at a strategic level and deal with issues and challenges ranked at the top of priority lists of senior executives.


Call (336) 282-9370 to register.


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