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  ERSTTM Testimonials

"I wanted to drop you a quick note to say, again, how much I appreciate the time you and Joyce spent with our group back in early September. I have been to too many seminars, trainings, etc., where I left wondering why I had just spent my life 'that way'. I can clearly say I returned home from your training wondering why aren't more organizations spending their life on the important 'stuff'."
Greg Sims
Operations Manager
Global Employee Consultation Systems

"Once again, thank you for the seminar. I can't remember when I learned and enjoyed a seminar more. And believe me I have attended many over the years. I do believe that the limited number of attendees allowed for a more personal feeling and therefore more interaction than would be available at most other seminars I have attended in the past. I will be sure to make good use of the information to our team here at the home office and to our franchisees and their team members as well."
F. Michael Schitleir
Director of Training
Mr. Rooter

"Extremely worthwhile! The seminar validated many things I've been talking about for years. Length was just right--more than three days with this volume of information would fry my brains! I would highly recommend that all HR professionals invest in this course. More CEOs and top line management people would benefit from this course. They need to hear from the masters!"
Patti Fornelius
Director of Human Resources
The Dwyer Group

"A well-balanced variety of case material, anecdotes, best practices, and a realistic look at America's workplace. Length was perfect. Thanks for the conversational atmosphere--refreshing and excellent communication venue. I feel committed to making changes, additions, and expending the depth of our current retention strategy. Liked the comprehensive and reflective approach. I am highly recommending the content of the training and will definitely become an advocate of retention and making my company an employer of choice."
Debbie Holmes
Canon Virginia

"Was the experience worthwhile? Yes! Yes! Participants were able to gain ideas from others and this seminar served as a networking opportunity also. I think you should offer thesame program to managers on-site at their company location at large organizations."
Lori E. King, SPHR
Director of Human Resources

"I would definitely recommend this seminar to others. Very worthwhile! Roger and Joyce are very knowledgeable in this field."
Thersa S. Byrd
United Guaranty

"Definitely on-target. With a 3-day seminar, you would have thought we'd all turn into zombies, but the continuous conversation kept things moving fairly rapidly. I'm definitely recommending my counterpart attend a session very soon. Was pleasantly surprised (as is my manager) that in order to really get everything out of this training, I have a lot to put back in. Somewhat overwhelming but appropriate."
Patti Tessier
Manager, Employment

"I found the small group open discussion to be very stimulating. Idea sharing is crucial to the development of different approaches to this ever-challenging issue of employee retention.
Joseph P. Waite, CEO
Platinum Coast Dry Cleaners, Inc.

"The co-presenter format with Roger and Joyce was right on target. Their complementary styles provided the information in a fun and interesting way. With the two experts presenting the program was a guaranteed success. The experience was worth every penny. I have already recommended the training to a few of my colleagues."
Kevin J. Jones
Edward Healthcare System, Naperville, Illinois

"This is the first program I have been to in a long time where the time flew by. I could have listened to this all week. It was exciting. The cost of the program seemed high. However since I've attended, I'd say it is well worth the money."
Kathy Trusch
Vice President, Human Relations
The Boddie Noell Corporation

"I hope this will be a career-changing experience for me. I am very excited about this material and its effects in the workplace. Very worthwhile experience."
Charlotte Harrell
Human Resources
TriGon Engineering Consultants

"The amount of time was good for the content and material covered. It's an enormous amount of information. Excited about the books-great resource material! I enjoyed the somewhat theatrical approach and interaction between Roger and Joyce. I liked the personal touch and involvement with class members."
Tina Stanley
Employment Manager
General Dynamics

"This seminar is perfect as is. The materials were just right."
Diane Everhart
Corporate Recruiting Manager
Moses Cone Hospital

"Good participatory program. Very worthwhile-good brainstorming time for me."
Alan Pike
Market CEO
SouthTrust Bank

"I learned an awful lot that I can apply immediately. A little frustrating, because I want it all to work now!"
Marie Umberger
Human Resources
VF Corporation


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