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  Exit Interviews - InnerView Interviews Meets Growing Need for Information

For years, employers have wondered why valued employees left to take jobs elsewhere. Emotionally, managers felt hurt that people deserted them, preferring some other leader instead of them. Logically, good leaders wanted answers. Why are the people we want to stay making decisions to end their employment with us? Where did we go wrong? Who can we blame? How can we prevent this voluntary employee turnover?

The solution was disarmingly simple: Interview departing workers as they leave, asking them why they're walking. In many cases, corporate managers--not necessarily human resources professionals--deemed that it would be good to study reasons for departure to fix the problems so people would stay.

Exit interviews were conducted in numerous organizations, usually by someone in the human resource department. The process was usually routine without much depth or a serious view into the reasons behind departures. Seeking to streamline the process, employers---and even the contractors they hired to study attrition---increasingly utilized on-line questionnaires. Opportunities for depth, reality, human communication, and expansion of answers evaporated. The check-off system did not produce sufficient actionable information for employers. Something better was needed.

Introducing InnerView Interviews

To provide employers with the vital input they need to understand---and reduce---costly employee turnover, The Herman Group is please to introduce InnerView Interviews.

Through this service, we will conduct exit interviews to support current and future clients. A few of the advantages of using InnerView Interviews:

  • Management and non-management employees are interviewed by telephone. No Internet yes/no forms or questionnaires. Personal communication that is comfortable for the interviewee will assure a human touch and the opportunity to be well-represented.
  • All interviews are conducted by certified human resource professionals. Every conversation with your former employees---and with you---will be conducted by a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) or Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). No telemarketers, no interns. You benefit from the services of recognized professionals who truly understand what information is important for you…and how to uncover it.
  • Behavioral interviewing techniques are used. This unique approach---PHR and SPHR callers using behavioral interviewing---will draw out more insight for you. Instead of just some shallow responses, we will produce in-depth reports to give you more to work with in your internal problem-solving.
  • Fast turnaround is assured. Departing employees will be interviewed closer to the time they left. This rapid response will enable you to gather much richer input while memories are still fresh. Our team of research interviewers has the strength to manage your assignment in a timely manner.

Our professionals will enable you to gain an inner view of what your people are thinking and feeling. Your reports will be timely, giving you the opportunity to make changes that will reduce employee turnover quickly.

A Giant Step Beyond

Exit interviews do provide valuable information, but even more insight can be gained from Stay Interviews. You can gain a powerful inner view by hearing what key people working for your organization have to say about life as an employee. What's working? What's not? How vulnerable are you to current employees leaving?

The same members of our interview team who conduct exit interviews will also conduct interviews with current employees. Pick them at random or use a system to select people for calls. Whether they're still with you because the right opportunity hasn't come along or because they really want to stick around, these folks have important insights to share with you. We'll find out what they're thinking and feeling. We'll open conversations for you to continue. We'll show you how to inspire people to stay.

Even More...

Have you ever made an offer to a candidate…and been declined? Startling experience! Everything seemed so right! What went wrong? This inner view from the perspective of the candidate will shed light on what didn't work…and why. Learn the lessons that will support the success of future offers. We'll interview the person who made the decision not to join you. Same interviewers. Same behavioral techniques. Same timely response to guide your future work.

And an Additional Twist

Invite us to interview new employees who did accept your offers. We'll find out why…the reasons behind the reasons. Learn what worked so you can be more effective in future negotiations.

Consulting Services

The Herman Group has provided consulting to management since 1980. We have the people, the expertise, the experience to provide follow-up consulting and training that may be necessary and valuable for you. When problems…opportunities…are revealed, you should do something about them. Handle things internally---work on your own. Or, if outside assistance is appropriate, we're here to help.

Interested in arranging for any of these services for your organization? Use this convenient form to contact us or call Joyce Gioia (joy-yah) at (800) 227-3566.

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