Links to Articles About Employee Retention
Following our objective to be a broad and deep resource for anyone seeking information and resources about employee retention, we offer this growing list of links to a vast array of articles that have been published in the media about this topic. We regret that copyright laws do not permit us to post the entire articles for your convenience, but at least you have a focused resource available for your education and research. New items will be added almost every day.

These articles provide insight into much of what is happening around the world to build employee retention and workforce stability. Reducing uncontrolled employee turnover is a major strategic challenge for practically every employer in the developed world. As the pioneering leaders in the field of employee retention (our founder, Roger Herman, wrote the book that opened the field in 1990), we offer a wide range of tools and services to support employers. Our website,, is designed to be a one-stop resource center for anyone interested in retention. Here you can learn about our work, some of what our colleagues are doing, and more. We invite your comments... and an opportunity to be of service.