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  Roger Herman, Strategic Business Futurist
Having carefully researched business trends and trends that will affect the way we do business, Roger delivered forecasts, perspectives, and insights on workforce, workplace, and work style issues to help his audiences plan for the future.

Although he owned a crystal ball, he didn't use it for professional prognostication! From everything Roger saw "out there," he was upbeat about the future. He warned of certain challenges and changes that could make employers and workers seriously vulnerable. Characterized as a modern-day Paul Revere, he alerted his audiences to coming shifts and how to prepare for them. Roger predicted a number of shifts that dramatically changed what we did and how we did it. Forewarned is forearmed.

As a trend watcher, Roger researched what's happened in the past, what was happening at the time, and what we could reasonably anticipate would happen in the foreseeable future. Roger believed, no trend should be viewed as standing alone. Each trend he explored was influenced by other trends in our society. Local, national, and international influences must all be taken into account in an effort to be as accurate and legitimate as possible. With Roger's help, his clients saw the greater flow of the trends and shifts---The Big Picture.

Roger was provocative. He stimulated thinking, challenging, exploring, explaining, and revealing probabilities that went way beyond current thinking. And he was primarily focused only on the next 5-15 years!

Sadly, Roger passed away in 2006; his long-time partner, Joyce Gioia [joy-yah], proudly carries on his work.

"My interview with Roger Herman ranks as one of our top ten shows of the year."

Mike Murphy
KCMO Talk Radio
Kansas City

Roger was an active member of the World Future Society. He spoke frequently at the Society's conferences. The World Future Society Bookstore featured his books and for years, he served as Contributing Editor (workforce and workplace trends) for The Futurist Magazine.

Among Roger's attention-getting forecasts were:

  • An Unprecedented Churning in the Labor Market
  • A New Breed of Workers He Calls "The Adaptables"
  • A New Leadership Style is Emerging: Facilitative Leadership
  • Linear Career Paths Will Practically Disappear; It's Hopscotch Time!
  • People will choose where they work

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