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  Books about Employee Retention and the Future of the Workforce and Workplace
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How to Become an Employer of Choice
By Roger E. Herman and Joyce L. Gioia, 2000

Get the best workers to consciously choose to work for you-instead of joining your competition. Become an "Employer of Choice." As the labor shortage intensifies, competition for qualified, dedicated employees will become even more challenging. In our strong economy, people have choices of where they will work. Learn how to inspire workers to choose you. This book has the secrets!

Runner-up for the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Book
Award as "Best Business Book of the Year" for 2000

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Description Price Order
How to Become an Employer of Choice $19.80 each Call to order.
How to Become an Employer of Choice, Electronic Version $17.80 each Call to order.

Impending Crisis
By Roger E. Herman, Tom Olivo and Joyce Gioia

9 months on Business Book Best Seller List; #11 for January 2004

The labor shortage will be much more severe than most people realize. By 2010, we'll be 10,033,000 people short in the United States. Bottom line: corporate leaders must begin now to change the way they do business. This issue is not only strategic, but highly competitive, as well. Competition for competent workers will drive competition for customers and capital. See the evidence, get the advice, understand the situation. Read this book . . . before your competitors do!

This graphic from Impending Crisis tells the story. Until the mid-1990s, we had more people than jobs. Then came the challenges of the late 1990s: The Labor Shortage. With more jobs than people, employers were forced to compete—aggressively—for the talent they needed. Then the economy slowed in 2000, 2001, and early 2002. This slowdown caused major layoffs and dampened the churning in the labor market. The Impending Workforce Crisis

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Impending Crisis $30.00 each Call to order.
Impending Crisis, Electronic Version $20.00 each Call to order.

Workforce Stability, Your Competitive Edge
by Roger E. Herman and Joyce L. Gioia, 2000

Hardcover. Published in collaboration with The Workforce Stability Institute. Includes chapters by the Fellows of the Institute, exploring all the aspects of the institute's model for building workforce stability in today's turbulent times.

Nineteen chapters filled with insight and advice: Today's Predicament, Our Changing Workforce, The Staffing Process, Capacity Building, Selection for Success, Selection Tools and their Applications, Marketing: Recruiting the Best, Humans Hiring Humans, Computerized Hiring: the next generation, Orientation and Bonding, Career Development as a Retention Tool, Training for Retention, Building and Holding Underachievers, Inspiring Front-Line Workers, Internal Marketing, Recognition for Performance and Retention. Retaining the People You Want, Leadership Makes a Difference, and Workforce Stability: Your Competitive Edge.

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Workforce Stability 19.95 each Call to order.
Workforce Stability, PDF Version 14.95 each Call to order.

How to Choose Your Next Employer
by Roger E. Herman and Joyce L. Gioia, 2000

Today, and in the future, you'll enjoy lots of choices of places to work. How do you decide your next right move? This book will guide you to determine your criteria, differentiate one employer from another, and manage your own career destiny. Don't just take any job; be discriminating. Select the right opportunity for you-even if you have to create it yourself. Demystify your selection process with a system for scoring what's important to you!

221 Pages

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How to Choose Your Next Employer LIMITED TIME OFFER: Only 10 each Call to order.
How to Choose Your Next Employer, PDF Version LIMITED TIME OFFER: Only 7.50 each Call to order.

Keeping Good People: Strategies for Solving the #1 Problem Facing Business Today
by Roger E. Herman, 1999

You know that turnover costs you a lot. Constant churning in the workforce is a major problem today. Here's a book that's packed with low- and no-cost solutions. Within its easy-to-read pages you'll find almost 200 practical strategies for improving your employee retention. Published in four languages. New edition. Featured by two book clubs and the Institute for Management Studies. #5 Best Seller for Society for Human Resource Management.

Trade paperback, 411 pages.

Description Price Order
Keeping Good People 21.95 each Call to order.
Keeping Good People, PDF Version 16.95 each Call to order.

Lean & Meaningful: A New Culture for Corporate America
By Roger E. Herman and Joyce L. Gioia, 1998

Does your company provide meaningful work for its employees? Here's a blueprint to help you attract, optimize, and retain top talent. Corporate culture makes a difference, and cultures are changing. The next generation of corporate culture will be dramatically different from the past. Learn why-and how-employers must shift to a more lean operation with a culture that's filled with meaning for everyone. Over 200 organizations are cited, with stimulating examples of how leading edge employers are providing meaning for their workers. Read commentaries from successful CEOs who share their "meaningful" secrets.

Hardcover, 390 pages

Description Price Order
#101 Lean & Meaningful 27.95 each Call to order.

Signs of the Times: News You Can Use to Drive Your Future.
By Roger E. Herman, 1999

Position yourself for success in the future. Here's an easy way for you to gain valuable knowledge and insight into trends and their implications. Over 100 trends present road signs to guide your way, each followed by a futurist's commentary. Book of the Month selection for the Institute for Management Studies. Great reading for bedtime, travel, commuting, or that unproductive time.

Hardcover, 178 pages.

Description Price Order
#103 Signs of The Times $16.95 each Call to order.

The Process of Excelling: The Practical How-To Guide for Today's Leaders
By Roger E. Herman, 1997.

Strengthen your skills and effectiveness as a leader. Easy-to-read and understand, this step-by-step guide will help you master the 12 elements of high performance leadership. Enriched edition. Works as a training text, too.

236 pages.

Description Price Order
#104 The Process of Excelling
22.95 each Call to order.
#105 The Process of Excelling
16.95 each Call to order.

Turbulence! Challenges & Opportunities in the World of Work
By Roger E. Herman, 1995

Gain a better understanding of today's workforce and workplace as you discover 11 trends and three influencing factors that will determine your future work environment. Loaded with insightful forecasts and valuable advice to help you plan your career or deal with generational challenges.

Hardcover, 250 pages.

Description Price Order
#106 Turbulence! Hardcover 10.00 each Call to order.

Your Journey to Success
10 Steps to a Highly Effective Transition

William G. Bliss, 2004

Imagine stepping up to the first tee on a golf course that is completely new to you. Except in this case, you have no course map and the fairways look no different than the roughs. There are no flags marking any holes. You wouldn’t know if it dog legs to the left or goes down hill to the right. And you’re trying to show your new boss what a good golfer you don’t stand a chance of even making par.

The same applies for starting a new position. Without a guide to help you through, you could fail to impress anyone. With this guide, "Your Journey To Success", 10 Steps to a Highly Effective Transition, you’ll be able avoid all the pitfalls of starting a new position. It will outline a course of action for you follow over the first 3-4 months of your new assignment. You’ll be able to execute your steps of action and even keep score as to how well you’re doing.

Start reading "Your Journey To Success" on day one of starting your new position and soon you’ll be showing everyone they hired the right person.

Description Price Order
Your Journey to Success, PDF Version Only 50.00 each Call to order.

Unretirement: A Career Guide for the Retired...the Soon-To-Be Retired...the Never-Want-To-Be Retired
by Catherine D. Fyock, Anne Marrs Dorton, 1994

UnRetirement is the first book to offer detailed guidance for older workers on how to keep working beyond "normal" retirement age. It gives specific techniques for how to explore new options--phased retirement, new part-time options, telecommuting, creating a resume that will maximize a life of hard work, and dealing with ageism and age discrimination. It gives specific techniques for how to:

  • Stay active in your current job or create alternative positions with your employer
  • Explore phased or rehearsal retirement, new part-time options, and telecommuting
  • Re-train yourself to fill growing needs for new skills
  • Develop self-esteem and value your own experience
  • Create a resume that will maximize a life of hard work
  • Deal with ageism and age discrimination

184 Pages, softcover

Description Price Order
Unretirement 15.00 each Call to order.


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