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  Keeping Good People: Breakthrough Retention Strategies
Keeping Good People: Breakthrough Retention Strategies
With Roger Herman

The video program, KEEPING GOOD PEOPLE: Breakthrough Retention Strategies is based on the highly acclaimed and best-selling book, KEEPING GOOD PEOPLE: Strategies for Solving the #1 Problem Facing Business Today by Roger E. Herman. The video program, like the book, is designed to help organizations struggling to keep their best employees.


With a tight labor market and a strong economy, there are plenty of jobs to go around. It is easy to change jobs -- in fact, too easy. In a weak economy, though job opportunities are fewer, there are always opportunities for an organization's best workers. No matter the economic climate, on average, an organization's best employees tend to change jobs every 2-4 years. These transitions have become a societal norm -- a way for employees to improve their responsibilities, titles, salaries, credentials and work/life balance. Keeping your good people should be your organization's competitive success strategy -- and to keep your best workers, as an employer you must work counter-trend. KEEPING GOOD PEOPLE: Breakthrough Retention Strategies with Roger E. Herman is a video program designed to start an internal dialogue within your organization on "how-to" insure you retain your best employees.

View KEEPING GOOD PEOPLE: Breakthrough Retention Strategies to:

  • Understand why your employee turnover is so high -- and why it may be higher in the future.

  • Discover the 5 principal reasons good people leave and what you can do about it.

  • Learn the 5 practical, proven strategies for stabilizing your workforce and how to implement them.

For your kind of organization to run successfully, several human elements are critical. To start, you need good leadership throughout the organization. Secondly, you need good management at all levels of the organization. Then, you need a team of people with the knowledge, skills, aptitudes and attitudes to successfully perform at a level defined by the market, industry standards, and the organization's mission. These are universal requirements whether you are running a manufacturing company, a service business or a non-profit organization.

The term "good people" is used for those employees who have the capability and the capacity to accomplish the work of the organization in a high-achieving manner. What makes these people "good"? Simply, it is those employees who are our top performers, the ones we would prefer not to lose - the people who get the job done.

There are good people in every organization, company and occupation. There are good people in management, in research and development, in production, in sales and marketing, in administrative services, and in the custodial ranks. They're everywhere! Each kind of organization has its categories of employee titles and roles, and there are good people in all these places. Being good does not require any particular level of education, professional credentials or experience. The distinction is in how the education, credentials and experience are applied. And more often than not, an employee's attitude, influenced by solid leadership is the key component to becoming a good employee as well as a critical reason why good people stay.


Ideally all employees will be good. Working together as a high performance team, they will get results. We would not want to lose any of them. If we have hired, trained, and managed well, each of our people will be good - highly valued for one reason or another. It is these good people we want to keep on our team. They make the difference for us. As pacesetters, they inspire and motivate others by their example, and by their enthusiasm. In some cases the entire work team is more energetic, more supportive and more productive.

Good people inspire others directly and indirectly toward high achievement. They enable us to do what we are expected to do (or even to exceed those expectations). If these people are not working on our team, they likely will be just as successful on some other organization's team. The objective of this video program is to open a dialogue to keep them on our team.


The changes necessary within your organization will be comfortable for some, painful for others. Some employers are already well on their way, operating according to the strategies presented in this video program. They will benefit from the reinforcement that they will experience through the ideas presented in this video.

Unfortunately, some companies will not change. Many are already having difficulties. Most of the inflexible organizations will disappear. They just won't be able to survive in our ever-changing world. Flexibility, responsiveness, and agility will spell success in the years ahead. They'll lose their valued employees and won't be able to replace them with people of the same caliber.

Employers who attract and keep their good employees will become magnets for more high quality employees. Working together with a common vision and dedicated leadership, these teams of conscientious people will enjoy being on the leading edge...having a competitive edge.

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You will receive a leader's guide, participant workbook and a copy of the book KEEPING GOOD PEOPLE: Strategies for Solving the #1 Problem Facing Business Today.

Length: 24-Minutes

"Without loyal, dedicated, competent workers, no company can satisfy the expectations of its customers - internal or external. Employee retention to build a stable, productive workforce will be the competitive advantage in this decade."
- Roger Herman

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