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Keeping Good People: Breakthrough Retention Strategies
With Roger Herman

KEEPING GOOD PEOPLE: Breakthrough Retention Strategies is based on the work of best selling author and noted employee retention expert, Roger E. Herman. The video program is designed to help organizations struggling to keep their best employees.

No matter the economic climate, an organization's best employees tend to change jobs every 2-4 years. These transitions have become a societal trend. Keeping your good people must be your organization's competitive success strategy -- and to keep your best workers, you must work counter-trend.

This video program has been created to initiate an internal dialogue within your organization on "how-to" ensure you retain your best employees. View KEEPING GOOD PEOPLE: Breakthrough Retention Strategies to:

  • Understand why your employee turnover is so high -- and why it may be higher in the future.

  • Discover the 5 principal reasons good people leave and what you can do about it.

  • Learn the 5 practical, proven strategies for stabilizing your workforce and how to implement them.

When you attract and keep your good employees you will become a magnet for more high quality employees and your organization will have the advantage in today's highly competitive marketplace.

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You will receive a leader's guide, participant workbook and a copy of the book KEEPING GOOD PEOPLE: Strategies for Solving the #1 Problem Facing Business Today.

Length: 24-Minutes

"Employee retention is the strategy that will set winners apart from losers. Without a stable workforce, your company risks corporate extinction."
- Roger Herman

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Description Price Order
Keeping Good People: Breakthrough Retention Strategies -- VHS 695.00 each Call to order.
Keeping Good People: Breakthrough Retention Strategies -- DVD 695.00 each Call to order.
Keeping Good People: Breakthrough Retention Strategies -- VHS 5-Day Rental 225.00 each Call to order.

Impending Crisis
Roger Herman, Thomas Olivo, and Joyce Gioia
Summarized June 2003 by Audio-Tech Business Summaries
45 Minute Audio CD

The future of every business is at risk because of a startling trend that will catch most managers unprepared: There are not enough skilled workers to fill the jobs that drive the economy.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a shortage of more than 10 million workers by 2010. And raw numbers don't fully address the growing skills gap. The numbers also don't take into account the changing attitudes in the workforce.

Few, if any, employers have addressed these issues. That's why Impending Crisis is so timely and relevant right now. Itís a wake-up call for companies that have yet to confront this problem.

The authors are ideally equipped to bring this vital message to corporate leaders. Roger Herman and Joyce Gioia are both Strategic Business Futurists and Certified Management Consultants who focus on workforce and workplace trends. They share a combined experience base of more than 40 years of consulting to management. Tom Olivo is an internationally known specialist in business measurements, recognized for his expertise in measuring factors that affect the bottom-line performance of organizations.

In this summary of Impending Crisis, you will learn the magnitude of this problem -- as well as the huge opportunity it presents to those who see it coming. Then youíll learn what you can do today so you will survive and profit from the "impending crisis."

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Description Price Order
Impending Crisis Audio CD 19.95 each Call to order.

The Corporation of the Future
A live recording of a keynote presentation for The World Future Society
Audio CD

Radical shifts in corporate environments will upset the status quo, intensifying anxiety and distress. Converging workforce, workplace, social, technological, and economic trends will stimulate discomforting change that most employers have yet to anticipate. Survival in tomorrow's corporation will require new leadership and functional styles. Dynamic organizational communities will support a structure that enhances corporate foresight and evolution. How can we best create the future we want for ourselves, our families, our colleagues, and our global enterprises? Will you be ready?

51 Minutes

Description Price Order
The Corporation of the Future CD 15.00 each Call to order.
The Corporation of the Future Digital Download 12.00 each Call to order.

Get the Best
How to Recruit the People You Want
Audio CD

How do you get the best, especially in a volatile labor market? Discover the strategies that are effective in sourcing, or attracting, top candidates. How do you recruit the best candidates? We reveal five tactics for making recruitment more effective. You will learn to use sales and marketing strategies to engage the right talent.

Learn how to put five key ideas for more effective recruitment into action:

  1. Ready, Aim, Hire!
  2. Make it Easy
  3. Sell the Sizzle
  4. It Takes a Village
  5. It's a Jungle

Description Price Order
Get The Best CD 30.00 each Call to order.

Select the Best
How to Choose The People You Want
Audio CD

Select the right candidates the first time to reduce turnover costs, improve morale, and increase productivity. Learn key strategies to choose those best candidates. Design an effective selection process to help you make the right decisions.

Learn how to put four key ideas for more effective selection into action:

  1. Make a Shopping list
  2. Balance Selection and Selling
  3. Roll Out the Red Carpet
  4. Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Description Price Order
Select the Best CD 30.00 each Call to order.

Keep the Best
How to Retain the People You Want
Audio CD

As the job market builds, employees will have more and more choices about where they will find work. Solving the issue of high turnover is no easy task. Explore ways to create a positive workplace by reducing turnover, improving productivity and morale.

Learn how to put four key ideas for more effective retention into action:

  1. Feel Their Pain
  2. Keep Your Balance
  3. Mind Your Mom
  4. Make a Difference

Description Price Order
Keep the Best CD 30.00 each Call to order.

Finding the Gold In the Graying Of America
Strategies for Maximizing an Age-Diverse Work Force
Audio CD

Finding the Gold in the Graying of America. Skilled labor shortages are coming. Older workers possess valuable intellectual capital that, if used wisely, can be your competitive advantage. This CD offers specific solutions for optimizing the contributions of older workers.

Description Price Order
Finding Gold CD 30.00 each Call to order.

Cathy Fyock 4-Pack
4 Audio CD Bundle

Get all 4 CDs

  1. Get the Best
  2. Keep the Best
  3. Select the Best
  4. Finding Gold

Description Price Order
Cathy Fyock 4-Pack 80.00 each Call to order.


Want a fast look at the trends in the workforce and workplace? This recording of one of Roger Herman's actual keynote addresses will give you plenty of information.
50-minute audiotape.

Description Price Order
Turbulence! Audio Tape 15.00 each Call to order.

Our Emerging Corporate Culture

You'll gain valuable insights into the next generation of corporate culture with this unique recording of Business Futurists Roger Herman and Joyce Gioia presenting a team keynote address. Based on their popular book, Lean & Meaningful. 50-minute audiotape.

Description Price Order
Our Emerging Corporate Culture Tape 15.00 each Call to order.


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