Expertise That Makes a Difference

  Expertise That Makes A Difference
Perceived Authorities

Roger and Joyce are recognized as thought leaders in workforce and workplace trends and workforce stability. Their research and perspectives are sought by a wide range of clients, academicians, and journalists interested in their fields. Frequently cited by colleagues and information sources, they are respected for their perspectives and for the practical application of their knowledge. While some view Roger and Joyce as contrarians or a bit far out in their thinking, history has proven that their forecasts are right on target.

Educators and Interpreters

In their presentations, Roger and Joyce explain the background and the causes for the trends and challenges facing today's leaders. They provide insight into the thinking in their field, citing a wide range of studies and data. Relating historical and future trends to current business issues, they build understanding and stimulate practical responses to present and future changes. Voracious readers (Roger is a Top 500 Reviewer on, they draw on the work of others in their fields and related areas of interest.

Contributors to the Field

Knowledge has little value unless it is shared and put to use. Through their writing (11 books and over 1000 articles), Roger and Joyce share their information, ideas, and insights. Their articles appear regularly in a variety of periodicals. Each week, since February 1998, they have distributed their Herman Trend Alert to thousands of people in 66 countries as a public service. Visit for lots of valuable information on Employee Retention and building workforce stability.

Having written the first book in the field, Roger is known as the "father of employee retention." The Herman Group holds the Registered Trademark for "Employer of Choice." Joyce and Roger are authors of the book that defined the phrase; they also established the recognition program that salutes companies that have met the high standards to earn the coveted designation.

Both Roger and Joyce hold masters degrees and have taught at the university level. Roger serves as Contributing Editor for The Futurist magazine.

Sought After by Others

Recognized as experts in workforce trends and employee retention, Roger and Joyce are frequently cited in print, broadcast, and electronic media. See a record of media citations. Their work is quoted in articles, books, speeches, and even blogs. Both these futurists accept invitations to participate in professional conferences and special events on the basis of the expertise they provide. Recent examples are their presentations at the first Mexican World Future Society national conference in Mexico City, Roger's participation in a symposium on the military workforce with such speakers as the Deputy Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Joyce's participation in one of the first human capital conferences in Japan.

Roger and Joyce are featured monthly on WBNW and WPLM radio stations and their work appears periodically on a wide range of association and corporate websites. They are featured on The Employment Channel on a regular basis and their Herman Trend Alert is available in audio and video formats on and The Feed Room (a feature of NBC's website.

Counselors and Mentors

Through their work with the National Speakers Association and other organizations, Roger and Joyce coach and mentor their colleagues and people interested in entering the consulting or speaking professions. Corporate executives--human resource professionals and line managers--seek out Roger and Joyce for advice and feedback in strategic workforce issues and employee retention. They are acknowledged as the thought leaders in their fields, recognized as the visionaries in workforce and workplace trends.

Roger and Joyce have facilitated a number of "Meet the Pros" mentoring and sharing programs, receiving cards and letters from participants months and years later.


The Herman Group has been in practice since 1980, continually adding clients and evolving to respond to shifting market demands. Roger and Joyce remain in the forefront of their fields, creating new approaches and generating new material. While reinventing themselves through research and refinement, they stay close to their historical base of core work.

Public Acclaim

Roger and Joyce are both Certified Management Consultants and Roger is a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants. Roger is also a Certified Professional Speaker and They are active Founding Members of the Association of Professional Futurists, recognized for their expertise in workforce and workplace trends. Roger is Senior Fellow and Joyce a Fellow of The Workforce Stability Institute.

One of their products was honored as a Top 10 Human Resource Product in 1997. Their book, How to Become an Employer of Choice, was runner--up for Best Business Book of the Year in 2000. Several of their books have enjoyed prominence on best seller lists.

Roger and Joyce have spoken in 14 countries and have strategic affiliations with similar firms in Sao Paulo, Melbourne, and Hong Kong.

Lifelong Development

Since joining the National Speakers Association and the Institute of Management Consultants, Roger and Joyce have participated in at least one professional conference of each organization every year. They are frequent speakers at meetings of these organizations, as well as other professional groups with which they are members: Association of Professional Futurists, World Future Society, Society for Human Resource Management, The Workforce Stability Institute, and the American Society for Training and Development.

Roger and Joyce have both served as chapter presidents for the Institute of Management Consultants and Roger served five years on the national board of directors of the Institute. They have been active committee members for the National Speakers Association. Joyce served as President of a Toastmasters Club in Greensboro, guiding others in building their presentation skills and confidence.

Service Orientation

Delivering pro bono presentations to non--profit organizations is part of The Herman Group's philosophy. The firm also purchases over 300 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies each year to send to clients and prospects. Roger and Joyce are Friends of The Broach Theatre in Greensboro, North Carolina, and Roger serves on the Board of Visitors of Hiram College in Ohio. Joyce is a member of a support team for The Sterling Institute and Roger serves as a volunteer Park Ranger for the National Park Service at Guilford Courthouse National Military Park. Both serve as mentors for developing speakers through Toastmasters International and the National Speakers Association.

Ethics and Character

Roger and Joyce subscribe to the Codes of Ethics of the National Speakers Association and the Institute of Management Consultants.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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