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Super-Agers Part 2

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June 29, 2022

New Discoveries in Diet, Eye Health, and Lifespan

A research team from the Buck Institute have made some fascinating discoveries that ultimately will help humans to live longer in better health with ability to see better as well.

Assistance from the Lowly Fruit Fly
Many years ago, in Biology, I reviewed studies about an insect called Drosophila, better known as the Fruit Fly. In fact, the humble fruit fly has a long history of helping us with discoveries in longevity research, from calorie restriction to maintaining glucose balance. Why? Because it seems that, believe it or not, we have a lot in common with this pesky insect. And studying them can help us learn more about the human body.

Fruit Flies are our Research Heroes
Because fruit flies are so easy to raise and have such a short lifespan, they are ideal models that allow us to monitor many of things at the same time. Not only that but nearly 75 percent of human genetic disease genes have a match in the fruit fly.

A Recent Study from The Buck Institute
In a study published this month in Nature Communications, Buck Institute researchers detailed an interesting link between diet, circadian rhythms, eye health, and lifespan. In addition, the researchers unexpectedly found that processes in the fly eye are actually driving the aging process.

Eye Problems Associated with Other Disease
Previous studies of humans have shown an association between poor health and eye disorders. This study takes that premise a step further. The Buck Institute study demonstrates that a dysfunction of the eye can actually drive problems in other tissues. This lab is the same one that validated the fact that fasting and caloric restriction can improve many functions of the body. They are now reporting that not only does fasting improve eyesight, but the eye plays a role in influencing lifespan.

A Surprise for the Researchers
The surprise was that the eye itself---at least in the fruit fly---can directly regulate lifespan. It's all about circadian rhythms.

The Big News
The light from computer and phone screens, as well as light pollution for hours after sundown are conditions that disturb our circadian clocks. This disturbance disrupts our normal protection for the eye and that could have consequences beyond just the vision, including damaging the rest of the body and the brain. We already know there is a relationship between a deterioration of the retina and Alzheimer's Disease. And by the way, light pollution is now being blamed for the susceptibility some plants have to diseases as well. Here's the bottom line: if you want to live longer, reduce your protein consumption and limit your exposure to non-red light after sundown.

The Eyes are Windows to More than the Soul
There is a lot more to understand about the part the eye plays in the overall health and lifespan of humans, including (but not confined to) how the eye regulates lifespan. This frontier is only the beginning of this avenue of exploration into expanding the human lifespan.

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