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  The CMC Credential

A number of our consultants are members of the Institute of Management Consultants, the professional association and certifying body dedicated to promoting excellence and ethics in management consulting. Founded in 1968, IMC awards the profession's internationally-recognized certification, the CMC (Certified Management Consultant), an acknowledgement of extensive experience, peer reviews, client audits, and adherence to the IMC USA Code of Ethics.

Applicants for certification undergo thorough investigation of his or her consulting experience; he or she is interviewed by a panel of senior consultants to verify their technical competence; and he or she must pass a written examination evidencing their familiarity with the Institute's Code of Ethics, which he or she has pledged in writing to follow.

Standards of Competence

Every step leading to the CMC certification has been designed to verify the candidate's professional competence.

  • A CMC consultant must have at least five years of experience in the full-time practice of management consulting, with major responsibility for client projects during at least one of those years.
  • The CMC consultant has had to provide multiple references, most of them officers or executives of clients served. These references are investigated to assure that consulting relationships were satisfactory.
  • The CMC consultant has to provide written summaries of five client assignments (disguised to protect client identity).
  • The CMC consultant has to pass a qualifying interview by senior consultants who have earned the CMC mark, demonstrating professional competence and currency in areas of specialization, application of experience, and understanding of the management consulting process.
  • The CMC consultant is examined to confirm understanding of the Code of Ethics and attests annually to abide by it.

CMC International Reciprocity

The CMC mark of excellence is used worldwide to identify a certified management consultant whose competency is recognized and certified by a national institute that is a member of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes. Ten thousand consultants from over 35 nations have now been awarded the CMC by one of the certifying institutes which comprise ICMCI. The qualifications to obtain the CMC certification mark meets a minimum global standard recognized by all. IMC USA is a founding member of the Council, established in 1987 to advance worldwide certification.


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