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  Maxie V. Carpenter

An accomplished public speaker, Maxie is an authority on the subject of corporate culture. His broad range of experience extends to corporate benefits, profit sharing, governmental affairs, public relations, diversity, strategic planning, policy and procedure, and litigation as a subject matter expert.


Maxie specializes in values-based working relationships. Specifically, his expertise lies in assisting the management structure to integrate the values-based interpersonal skills that drive the success of the three working relationships (among members of a work unit, between the work unit leader and its members and between work units) that determines the financial success of the organization. In doing so, he implements a measuring system to quantify interpersonal performance as organizational leaders do to quantify the technical parameters of their business. Organizational research is a second specialty.

  • Retail Human Resources
  • Retail Operations


  • Retired Vice President of People, Wal-Mart, Inc.
  • Served in this position for the last 8 years of his 27-year career
  • 19 years in Operations with Wal-Mart


  • International Association of Collegiate Business Education, Board of Directors
  • Circle of Life Hospice & Palliative Care of Northwest Arkansas. Business advisor and former
  • Volunteer Chairman of the Corporate Committee
  • Founding member of the first charter school in the state of Arkansas
  • Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), long-time corporate supporter and judge
  • Actively involved in assisting non-profits with fund-raising efficiencies, business meeting productivity, organizational structure, and staff management.


I Didn't Ask You to Dance! I Asked You to Talk! A Common Sense, Humorous, and at Times Spiritual Approach to Communication in a World Obsessed with Political Correctness (Hardcover, Oakhill Press, 2005)


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