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  Our Consulting Philosophy

Our philosophy is that "prescription before diagnosis is malpractice." While we can share all sorts of best practices and standard approaches, each organization has a unique set of circumstances. These variables can easily influence what solutions or strategies might be most effective, so it is critical that you and the consultant have a shared, clear understanding of current conditions, desired conditions, and any relevant history.

Diagnosis is accomplished through use of a variety of tools. Occasionally, all the tools are employed, but most often consultants select the tools that are most appropriate to gather the information and insight that is needed to move forward. Examples of diagnostic tools include culture surveys, focus groups, interviews, 360-degree assessments, study of relevant data, and observation.

Based on the results of the diagnostic process, we recommend one or more approaches to achieving the results desired by the client. Depending on the expertise and experience needed and the size and time requirements of the engagement, one or more members of the THG Consulting Partners team will be assigned to work with the client.

We have an operating philosophy and ethic that says we accept only those engagements for which we are qualified…and that we don't spend any more time than the assignment requires. We do not "move in" with our clients for long periods of time, nor do we employ MBAs fresh out of school as consultants.

Fees are based on project objectives, rather than some number of hours. We are engaged to get a job done, not to watch the clock. We determine--with our clients--what is to be accomplished and a fair price for getting that job done. If more work is required, additional involvement is arranged with the client on a case-by-case basis. This approach assures that our clients do not receive surprise billings or encounter difficulties with our professionals. Everything is open and direct with no hidden agendas.

Expenses and materials are billed separately and are in addition to our professional fees. Like our fees, these costs are agreed-upon with the client before they are incurred.

Our clients sleep better at night knowing that their consultants are not limited in their methodology and concern, but can--and will--assure that they are fully served. With the attitude and process of partnering to achieve results, our consultants focus on helping clients solve their problems, and resolving them in ways that give clients the capability to resolve them in the future.


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