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Thereís a "Retention Crisis" knocking at your organizationís door.
Do you know how to respond?

Recent employment surveys show that 35-50%+ of employees are actively looking for a new job or career opportunity.

Other surveys show that the majority of senior executives believe retention is extremely important as a strategic business initiative. Yet, these same studies show that only half of the surveyed organizations have specific programs aimed toward increasing retention.

And get this, only 30% of these retention programs were judged by senior decision makers to be effective!

Whatís going on?

Depending on where you live, our economy is starting (or has already started) to transition rapidly into a "sellers' labor market" where there will soon be too many jobs and not enough people with the right skills or attitudes to get the work done. The implications for employee turnover at your organization are profound. The potential turnover and resulting deficit of skilled and engaged/committed workers will, without a doubt, affect the performance of your workforce and the financial well-being of your organization.

But maybe you have a handle on employee turnover and would like to know how stable organizations build and sustain a winning retention culture. After all, research has documented that companies who invest in effective people practices are more likely to achieve superior results in:

  • Compound revenue growth
  • Revenue per full-time employee
  • Profitability
  • Employee retention

Chances are that the senior decision makers in HR, Finance, and Operations would find this information of interest and your assistance in making a bottom-line contribution invaluable!

Are you ready to make a measurable, value-added contribution?

Thatís where The Herman Group can help! We literally wrote the books on keeping good people and building winning retention cultures.

We can help you develop winning employee retention strategies that make a bottom-line contribution to the profitability of your organization. We can also help you build and sustain a successful retention culture by focusing on those elements that can make you an organization that attracts, develops, and retains top performers.

Employee Retention SpecialistTMCertificate Program

The Employee Retention SpecialistTM Certificate Program consists of an intense two-day learning experience followed by a practicum and additional book reports. Participants receive in-depth training and follow-up support from well-known and experienced professionals in employee retention and organization development.

The faculty of the Employee Retention Specialist Certificate Program is Joyce L. Gioia, Certified Management Consultant, partner of The Herman Group, and co-author of Workforce Stability, Lean & Meaningful, and How to Become an Employer of Choice.


Call (336) 282-9370 to register.

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The Hilton Garden Inn is the exclusive hotel for the Employee Retention Specialist Certificate Program.

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